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I don't agree that benchmarks need to go above and beyond and this benchmark is the first proper tessellation one that came out so pretty cool for that. However this thread is titled "DX10 vs DX11" and using that benchmark as a comparison, that is what I replied too - it's not a good comparison of DX10 vs DX11. Warframe Not Available? [DX11 won't update] Why does Warframe refuse to work on GeForce NOW? I remember that my friends told me I could play Warframe on a potato laptop, as long as I had the beta for GeForce NOW. I got the beta key, but I can't even play Warframe on it! [PC]Game Crash - Suspect DX11. veepeeza Posts: 3 Member Arc User. as long as they don't run DX11). Evident by running both Warframe and Path of Exile in Dx9 mode vs Dx11 mode, as the latter also causes crashes in those games. Console gaming isn't going to be pushing it with any degree of certainty until next year with WiiU, and only because it's been announced. And when you have games like The Witcher 2 developed for DX9, looking as good as it does, and using a ton of cheap middle-ware optimised for DX9, I think DX11's introduction will be stemmed. Hello, please post in this thread if you support the request for DirectX 11 driver anti-aliasing profiles like they do exist for DirectX 9. But [u]please stay polite[/u], as we'd like Nvidia to do us a courtesy, we don't order anything. DirectX 11 was more about optimization and performance improvements of DirectX 10, so in reality just look at the differences between a game like Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Crysis 2, HL2:Ep2 was created for DX9 and Crysis 2 was created using DirectX 10. Crysis: DX9 vs. DX10. Crysis, 5 months later. No excuses about immature drivers or API issues. We look at how Crysis DX9 compares to Crysis DX10 and what GPU is best for it. DX8 or DX9? I've been flying rc plane for many years now and I'm looking to upgrade from my DX6i. I bought a Multiplex Cularis and would like to be able program the different wing t

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