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Arcade Spirits, a romantic visual novel, follows an alternate timeline set in the year 20XX where the 1983 video game crash never occurred. After a turbulent work history, 5d3b920ae0

Title: Arcade Spirits
Genre: Indie
Fiction Factory Games
PQube Limited
Release Date: 12 Feb, 2019


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz Intel or AMD Processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM


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I'll admit at times some of the writing (especially for humor options) could be a bit cringe, but overall it was a fun experience, and I believe in the dev team enough to show my support with my wallet. I rate this game one high score obsessed husbando out of the precious time I have on this earth.. I don't often review games I've played, but this was the best Visual Novel I've ever played. It's clearly a labor of love, with a wide variety of characters, no sexuality limits, and a charming, roller coaster ride of a story. The art was expressive, vibrant, and unique, and the voice acting was passionate. Everything from the UI to the music was great, and you can really tell how much (exhausting) fun the developers had in the process. I sincerely hope that anyone who enjoys a good visual novel tries this one out, because I think you're missing out otherwise.. Unlike Japanese visual novels, the content won't make you feel like you're going to be put on a watchlist for sex offenders. I mean that's a pretty big plus already, but it's also fun to play and the romance stuff is completely optional which is pleasing to my cold unloving android heart.. Not much of a reviewer on Steam (or in general), but I felt passionate enough about this game to take a shot at it. I played this game on a whim, looking for romance VNs with LGBT characters and options. And, honestly? This is probably my favorite one so far. It's not by any means perfect, of course, but I literally pulled an all-nighter the same day I bought it to finish one playthrough, and I'm plenty motivated to play more. I've never been an achievement hunter, so doing multiple routes when I've already picked a favorite has never been very favorable for me; why romance the other characters when I found my favorite? With Arcade Spirits, though, I'm thinking twice on my original standpoint of that principle. I think the characters are pretty well-written, and I'd love to do other playthroughs with the rest of the cast. Each one has a really compelling story to them, and I find depth in even the ones I had initially written off as being more two-dimensional than others. There's something for everyone. Plus, all of them are hot in their own way. You can never go wrong with a dad bod, fight me on that. I think a strong point to this story is how heartfelt is all is. You're in a rut, down on your luck, thinking you're doomed to a vicious cycle of your hopes and dreams being crushed over and over, no matter how hard you try. (Okay, so you nailed my personal life right on the head. Well played.) You're given options to jump into the unknown and take risks that can just as easily lift your spirits as they can crush them, all the while having a small band of friends behind you every step of the way. Call me sentimental, but I found a personal reassurance behind that. And with each connection I made to a character, the more invested I became in their happiness and well-being. Misty eyes were had many a time. . Okay fine, I may have full-blown cried too. Don't me. The art itself is a really cute style, and the preview images alone are what drew my attention. Some pictures with major and minor characters side by side make the lack of detail in the minor characters a bit more jarring and obvious, but that's just a small complaint. The player especially has little choice in the matter, considering the customization options and what tweaks you'd have to do for lighting and shading in the individual scenarios. Still, I found some pictures a bit awkward in having a base colored character next to a fully-detailed one with shining hair and dynamic shadows. Tying in opportunity with risk, happiness with sadness, and comedy with seriousness, Arcade Spirits is one heck of a roller coaster. So strap in, everyone, and enjoy the ride. I couldn't recommend this game more if I tried. I rate it 5 socially awkward, dorky technician cuties out of 5.. Reviews aren't usually my thing so bare with me on this. This game is heart warmingly sweet and was the best pick-me-up after a long tough week. I have only romanced one character, Percy, and just his track alone was great, but the main character really sold it for me. Every one can probably relate to this MC and they really made the game far more investing. I can't wait to start a new game and try a new route with a new romance.. Unlike Japanese visual novels, the content won't make you feel like you're going to be put on a watchlist for sex offenders. I mean that's a pretty big plus already, but it's also fun to play and the romance stuff is completely optional which is pleasing to my cold unloving android heart.

Arcade Spirits v1.02 : Welcome to Arcade Spirits v1.02! We've added a big feature, changed a few things, and fixed up a bunch of minor issues along the way. The Home Arcade Documentary is now available from the Prizes menu! This interactive documentary hosted by Naomi explains how you (yes, you!) can build or buy your own multi-purpose arcade machine and really get your game on! Modified one of Percy's endings to add some ambiguity. (Mouseover to reveal this spoiler if you've already finished the game.) It felt too punishing to have him simply die if you didn't befriend him. Our game promotes positivity and this stuck out weirdly. Now, it's simply left ambiguous. Enjoy your retcon! By popular demand, added Pizza Facts to the end of each episode! Thank you for subscribing to Pizza Facts! Adjusted the 'Basic' style user interface for improved readability and accessibility. Minor fixes: Fixed a crash when using "They" pronouns and dating Naomi. Fixed more instances of QueenBee's costume being incorrect. Fixed unlockable Juniper image to the main menu extras. Fixed Mateo's full name being misspelled in Level 03. Adjusted some language for sensitivity. Improved comedic timing on some lines. Simplified Iris's initial explanation of Fist of Discomfort.. Arcade Spirits v1.2 : This version brings some fixes, UI improvements, and as always. less typos. Missing Level 03 achievement restored, if you missed it. The game should automatically grant Level 03 to you on bootup if you've cleared Level 04 already. If it doesn't, let us know! Brackets no longer allowed in text input. Character maximum in text input now enforced up-front. Teo appears properly in 08 when going along with the Gavin and Teo plan. Changed Ashley's romance and friendship endings slightly. Typo fixes.. Consolation Prize : Weve been asked this quite often Will Arcade Spirits be coming out on Switch or PS4 PS VITA or XBox One or Ouya or Intellivision or the Fairchild Channel F? Console gamers like their story-driven games too, and its perfectly understandable to want a port. Let me say up front we are NOT ruling a console port out. But I figured this week, Id let you peek behind the curtains and see why isnt not as easy as checking the Compile Switch Version box and hitting OK. Arcade Spirits uses the open source RenPy engine, which is a wonderful Python-powered system that gets you up and running quickly when making a visual novel. Its powerful and customizable and has many of the features we needed right out of the box. We didnt have to code our own save game system, or our own history buffer, or any of the standard visual novel systems it just does it for you without much fanfare. Alas, one thing we hadnt realized when deciding to use RenPy is that there are no console ports of the engine. Its open source, yeah, but requires Python, OpenGL, and a host of other tidbits to be ported before it can even consider the possibility of starting to maybe work on another system. Its not impossible anybody with enough know-how and skill could probably port it. But so far nobody has, so wed be starting from square one on a task we are woefully unprepared for. Theres a reason I picked a scripting system for this game instead of coding it down to the metal in assembly, folks. I aint that amazing at coding. (UPDATE: A new wrinkle in the works. For a Switch port, its not enough to port the engine since its not based on Unity, essentially every individual visual novel would need to be one whole and cohesive project with a complete dev kit and development contract, and likely still need to involve Renpys development team. So its a much taller ask than I had anticipated in the first place. Not sure if this is the case for PS4 but its likely the same issue. Fortunately there is a UWP version of Renpy in the works, so XBox One is possible, but still a long ways off and may have other hurdles.) So, whats the alternative? Basically, moving the whole kit n kaboodle over to another visual novel engine, one which already has console support. Notably any system designed for Unity would do the job. But porting a game, even one as simple as a visual novel, is difficult. How do I do the customized visual effects and UI, when I dont know enough to customize Unity to my needs? What about future localization efforts? Its a tough sell, especially when were releasing in Q1 2019. That leaves us with three options. Figure out how to port RenPy (or hire someone to do it), figure out how to port the game to another engine (or hire someone to do it), or let it slide for now and maybe switch engines before starting a sequel. I wont say what option were taking because, well, we dont know! Right now were focused on getting the Win/Mac/Linux version out the door in good shape, so you have a quality game from day one.. Arcade Spirits Now Available! : Arcade Spirits is RELEASED! Thank you so much to everybody who's supported us along the way. This game is a pure labor of love from a small team and it's meant the world to us to have you on us during the journey.. Demo Updated With Voice! : Good news -- the updated version of the Arcade Spirits demo is now available! Here's a list of what's new. Voice acting is now available! In the full game several key scenes will be fully acted, and emotional reaction lines are used elsewhere; for the demo we're only using the emotional reaction lines. Music and sound effect volume has been rebalanced. Teo is slightly smaller (he was too zoomed in before). Teo and QueenBee's Kindly paths have additional character details.. Calm Before the Storm : Been some time since our last developer blog post. Honestly? Not much to report, since we wrapped up the game and are just waiting for the release. But we're not TOTALLY resting on our hopefully-arriving-in-the-future laurels. Let's recap and discuss the doings and goings on. Pre-orders are up, as indicated in this handy chart [] . My recommendation is, which has both the normal game and soundtrack+artbook bundle at a discount, and gets you both a direct download and a Steam key. If you don't wanna pre-order, that's cool, we'll be having an identical launch week discount on Steam itself. Aenne (co-author), Steph (Iris's voice actor), Molly (character artist) and special guest Jacob (voice director) are all going to be at PAX South 2019 this coming weekend! We're going to have our most elaborate booth to date, with comfy seating and a fun environment. We'll have shirts and actual pre-order game codes on sale there, so drop on by to play the demo, chat with the devs, and have a grand 'ol time. We'll also be participating in the Houston Gaymers pre-show party Friday at 8pm. Press will be getting their hands on review codes and working to get you advance notice of how amazingly awesome our game is (hopefully) towards the end of this month. If you're press and want to get in on the fun contact for more information. And finally. Feb 12, we release. And then we wait and see. Because if we're a success, if we can break even and then some. I've got biiiig plans for an Arcade Spirits II. Since I've got an unexpected and unwelcome surplus of time on my hands I've been doing preproduction work on it, in hopes that we take off like a rocket and the project is greenlit.

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