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Original Title: Los Canallas

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller















































It's hard to believe it took Regina Torne 25 more years after the making of this film to get the international attention she deserved (In "Like Water for Chocolate"). I mean, you can watch this film just to enjoy her marvelously flouncy, mod, dominatrix, kitten-with-a-whip performance as the villainess here. She clearly loves this role, and eats up the film to get it. All the usual masked-wrestler-superhero silly bits to be found in films of this genre are made immeasurably more tolerable by her presence. Yes, we have the usual wrestling matches, and the hero who never takes off his mask (yet no one seems to find this in the least strange); and we have a goofy Aztec voodoo sequence that comes out of nowhere (nice dancing, though), an unbelievable jailbreak (thanks to a music-box/radio with a remote control laser in it(!)), and all the inevitable cliffhanging babe-threatening we've come to expect from such films.

But then we also have Regina Torne - and she makes all the difference in the world.

Wonderfully campy fun, with a to-die-for performance from Torne. I have a feeling this movie might not be as much fun if I did speak Spanish. From what I can tell, the plot is a by-the-numbers crime melodrama. But Regina Torne needs no translation. She burns up the screen as the clever, seductive gang leader Kadena. Mil Mascaras, "the man of a million masks," is suitably macho and heroic as he attempts to thwart Kadena's schemes. He gets to clobber some thugs every five minutes or so. My children watched and enjoyed the film in the same spirit as they watch and enjoy superhero cartoons.

The film isn't rated but is equivalent to PG. Kadena tortures her captives, and one of her goons dies messily. There is also a weird occult ritual that involves pouring a red liquid (presumably blood) on an effigy of Mil Mascaras. The film is more bloody but less sensual than a James Bond movie of the same era. That's appropriate, I suppose, since the Bond films were what "Los Cananallas" was trying to emulate.


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