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Original Title: Red Shadow: Akakage

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy




































Aka Kage, Aoi Kage and Asuka are trio of ninjas sent to perform dangerous secret missions for their master. Although Aka and Aoi are both in love with Asuka, the friendship built from their years of training together prevents any jealousies from forming. When Asuka is killed during a mission, however, the heartbroken Aka and Aoi both go their separate ways before returning to avenge their friend's death.
Normally i would applaud a movie that tries to do something different or original in a genre. It is obvious that this movie is some sort of parody on ninja movies. And i really did my best to enjoy the movie. But I just couldn't. The jokes aren't funny enough! (I've seen my share of Japanese movies. And most of the times I like and understand the humor used in those movies. "Red Shadow" is just silly!)The characters that are portrayed in this movie know that this isn't a serious movie and show that all is about the fun. Look at the characters from parodies like "Hot Shots" or "Scary Movie". Everything they do on the screen is done with a straight face and never fall out of character! And because of this, certain scenes become funny and hilarious. In "Red Shadow" the actors never achieve that. The shadow ninja's supposed to be very skilled and deadly. Sadly the actors don't do their best in convincing us of their talents. They don't do things with a straight face. The jokes would have worked better if they did! The bad choreography of the action scenes also damaged the viewing experience for me. I like humor in martial arts movies as long as the action is good. "Red Shadow" just fails in that department. So what is left to be enjoyed. Well,the music (techno) was uplifting. It had to be as the action it self never is exciting. And there are some short dramatic scenes that are good but simple. The use of humor,lack of story and depth make me think that this movie is meant for children. But I do wonder if children actually would like this movie. Waste of time!
Yes, granted that historical accuracy is not a priority for this movie, but that's sort of missing the point: this film is a ninja movie that makes fun of many of the ninja movie conventions, to great comic effect, such as when the 3 ninjas giving each other a 1-10 rank on how stylishly they leapt over the wall of the castle they're infiltrating. Nevertheless this film is also a thrilling and quite moving story, with the elegant simplicity of a fairy-tale reinforced by its timeless setting. It also has the obligatory impressive fight scenes, which are not the best I've seen in any film but they are still very well done. This is a great film, not as violent and bloody as other critics suggest, and extremely funny at times!


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