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Solstice is a very retro wargame, heavily inspired by the classi 5d3b920ae0

Title: Solstice
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy, Early Access
JimJams Games
JimJams Games
Release Date: May 2019


  • OS: Windows 7 or better
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.80 Ghz or higher
  • Memory: 2 MB RAM


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This game presents itself as a game about treasure and mystery, but is really a somewhat unclimactic and underdeveloped whodunnit. Whodunnits can be fun, but the issue with this game is that it has you collect information about people as if you are going to use it to some purpose (which takes up a good portion of the game), but you never do and it makes it all feel like a waste of time. There's magic but it's almost like an afterthought, there's politics but you play as almost powerless characters who can't change anything except by killing everyone, there is the mysterious kala but it's written off as a meaningless aside. In addition, instead of allowing you to find clues and eliminate suspects, the game just outright tells you who didn't do it and narrows the list down to a select few for you. Who wants to be a detective with no real intrigue or important discoveries to be made and with a verdict practically handed down for you? Only about three of your choices really make an impact, since most just change the dialogue slightly. Also, none of the characters are redeemable and none of them are given time to grow or change which made the story seem stagnant. In short I would NOT reccomend buying this at full price, if you must try it, wait for a sale. It really needs more plot development.. An interesting storyline with complex characters and beautiful art direction put this little visual novel over the top. I have only played through the introduction but I'm already in love. Captivating art, naturally flowing narration and intriguing story. Wonderful experience. As the game says about itself - it's a lot like reading a book.. Solstice is a game full of secrets. You play dual roles in the game; Galen, the new doctor, and Yani, a young woman found unconscious outside the city. They both have their secrets. The local eccentric disappears,starting off the mystery. You explore the mystifying Jewel of the North, which itself is a giant secret standing in the middle of a frozen wasteland. You'll meet the skeleton crew that stays behind to keep the city running during the true winter, and I'm sure you have guessed they all have secrets, too. The story is interesting and, like any good mystery, you have to peel a lot of layers to get to the real truth. The artwork & music are beautiful. The game has 4 main endings with several smaller variations per ending, so it has replayability. It took me a little less than 6 hours to complete the first play through. It is a standard visual novel where you make choices throughout that effect the outcome of your game.. I tried to get into this game, but it really wasn't hooking me. It's a bad sign when you're a less than halfway through a game and already thinking "how much longer can this go on?". But I frankly simply didn't find the plot interesting or enjoyable, the dialog seemed forced, and the game just didn't make me care about the characters or what happened to them. Gorgeous artwork though.. Before I started playing Solstice, I mused to myself: I sure hope the developer gives a nod to their previous game Cinders somewhere within this game. Even a small Easter Egg would have been great. But I just thought that any developer worth their salt would incorporate a reference to their prior masterpiece. Well I only had to play Solstice for 5 minutes and "Bam!", MoaCube delivered on my wish: a huge reference to Cinders. Very well done. I won't tell you what it is, but it's pretty cool. So that's why even though I've only played this game for 13 minutes, I already knew 8 minutes ago that Solstice deserves a Thumbs Up. I still have 99% of this game left to play, and I can't wait to see if there are any more tie-ins from Cinders. My fingers are crossed that the developer will surprise me again and somehow have my favorite character, Sophia, make a cameo. If that happens, I'll gift a copy of Solstice to a random member of my friends list. In short: MoaCube is not just a developer or a publisher, MoaCube is a genre. There are thousands of games on Steam, but none of them compare to Cinders or Solstice. If you're looking for an immersive visual novel where your decisions really matter, then look no further than either of these two category-defining games.. Degenerate.. Solstice is a Science Fantasy visual novel with a Choose Your Own Adventure book structure to its narrative. It features four different endings that can be modified more or less depending on which choices you pursue over the course of the game. The main portion of story unfolds within a small city named The Jewel of the North, in a unnamed fictional world. This marvel is protected from the frozen wasteland that surrounds it through the means of advanced technology fused and enhanced with magic. As a result the inhabitants can live in it as though it was summer. Our two protagonists arrive at the city just before it is caught off, by the ruthless weather in this unforgiving climate, for the upcoming winter solstice. A seemingly small crisis soon befall the city and we seek out to prevent it from escalating into a catastrophe. By the end we get more insight into the cities structure and how it has come to its current permutation. How it has shaped its inhabitants, our protagonists and antagonist(s) outlook on life. The game boats multifaceted and well fleshed out characters, society structure and cultures. With the first being in the forefront of the tale, but supported well by the other two in service of the tale that's explored. Beautiful music and background art enhances the experience to great effect. The main negative aspect for me was that the auto text speed was either bugged or it simply only had too fast options for my reading speed. But overall a great game and bodes well for, hopefully, more games by MoaCube.. Good story, MoaCube never dissapoints when it comes down to visual novels.

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