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Original Title: Resident Evil 5

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Horror,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller









































Sent in by the BSAA, Chris Redfield has a new mission. It takes him into South Africa where he encounters a new horror and relives an old past.
this isn't a resident evil game in the fact of its not a fight for survival like all the others in every resident evil before this one you had to ration your ammo and watch your heath carfully because if you died you had to start from the last save not the last door you walked through and if fighting a boss if you didn't have the right weopons you had to deal with it not die then equipped your powerful weopons and your not meant to have a partner its supposed to be a journey on your own where you have to watch your own back not them watch it for you and resident evil if always liked the characters but i do not like Sheva this game isn't a resident evil i don't care what they say its got some of the characters Wesker chris and a jill valintine who isn't hot because they changed what made her hot. to sum this game is playble once or twice then traded in.

sorry for any bad spelling Now let's talk about a game that was hated by most people, but I actually liked it.

In my own opinion this game to me was a lot of fun and pretty funny at times with the AI. The graphs in the game were top notch, and it also had that gritty and dirty look to it that makes the game more effective with the zombies or monster taking over Africa.

My only problems with the game is actually a character that did me head in and annoyed me so much and that is Sheva Alomar, the most annoying and useless character in Resident Evil series. Every second she wasters her ammo and she doesn't even hit the zombies, and let's not forget why got so great female character's in the other Resident Evil series but this one is useless.
A: No there is no merchant, but you can only purchase items/weapons in between levels and after retrying after dying. Originally Capcom wanted the game to be as realistic as possible and with the setting being Africa (extreme heat) they wanted to have a feature that effected Chris if he got to hot which would effect his vision. However, due to several test plays, the feature was scrapped due to it being an extra irritation added with the enemies in general. They are speaking Swahili. Allyson is a young lady who Chris and Sheva see being attacked by Majini in a house. Despite hearing her cry for help and reaching her, she too turns into a local hostile. Her boyfriend Adam is mentioned in a document, but he is never found.

Allyson's Biography

Allyson arrived in Kijuju around November with her boyfriend. There, she met Adam; a miner. During a date, a man in sunglasses was complaining in the bar over foreigners living in the region, and that the Kijuju natives must drive out the "invaders". His views led to a bar fight in which Adam and Allyson escaped and hid. The next morning, Allyson told Adam that she would be leaving with her boyfriend.

Attempting to Escape - While Kijuju began to shift into madness and Adam began to ostracize himself within his home, Allyson returned to him again for protection. Sleepless, fearful of the situation that had presented itself and unable to find her boyfriend; she takes up residence with Adam. However, as the situation outside began to worsen, the relationship between the two became strained with Allyson becoming frustrated with Adam's seeming lack of interest in their escape. During the night, Allyson escaped into the streets of Kijuju searching for escape on her own leaving a regretful Adam alone with his fears.

Capture - After Chris and Sheva heard DeChant calling for backup, they witnessed her abduction. She was thrown on the floor behind a fence as the two watched. She tried to crawl away, but was grabbed from the hair by a Caucasian Majini and dragged away. Allyson and the Majini had disappeared from view by the time the two BSAA members arrived behind the fence.

Death - Later she was seen bursting through a balcony door, calling for help, only to be pulled back inside by the same Caucasian Majini who captured her earlier. The agents hurried up to the building to save her. She fell against Chris, seemingly in exhaustion. As Chris attempted to comfort her, Allyson gripped a strap on his back as the parasite expelled from her mouth reaching toward Chris and wrapping its petal like lips around his face. Sheva shot at the now infected Allyson, she jumped back, evading the bullet, and then went on to attack the two of them.

Her body was killed by the agents with a gory headshot, but then a Cephalo-type Plaga erupted from her throat (this was the first Cephalo encountered in the game series, and the first that the two agents have ever seen). Her corpse, still controlled by the Plaga, continued to attack the two; After the agents had done enough damage to the Plaga, it exploded, and her body dropped, never to rise again. Track listing

Disk 1

1. Title Movie, 2. Opening -Chris's Arrival- (Original Ver.), 3. Item Box, 4. New Fear, 5. Magic Act, 6. The Butcher, 7. The Town, 8. First Encounter, 9. Majini I, 10. Hospitality, 11. Majini II, 12. Game Over, 13. Damsel in Distress, 14. Majini III, 15. A Piece of the Puzzle, 16. Unidentified Threat, 17. An Emergency (Digital Ver.), 18. The Storage Facility, 19. Result, 20. The Ripper, 21. Executioner, 22. The Crisis ~ Reinforcements Arrive, 23. Voices of the Darkness, 24. Terror From Above, 25. Flying Nightmare, 26. Pursuer and the Pursued, 27. Shaking Off the Majini, 28. Grand Resurgence, 29. Burning With Anger, 30. Delta Team's Distress ~ New Decision, 31. Shadows of the Past, 32. Eerie Stillness, 33. Majini IV,

Disk 2

1. Majini V, 2. Unite But, 3. Too Late, 4. Get Out!, 5. Majini's Trap I, 6. The Patrol Boat, 7. Evil Mutation, 8. A New Clue, 9. Ancient Noise, 10. Majini VI, 11. Majini's Trap II, 12. Excella and Wesker, 13. Underground Garden, 14. The Claw, 15. Huge Facility ~ And Then, 16. Gigantic Attack, 17. The Enigma, 18. Majini VII, 19. Haze of Horror, 20. UROBOROS, 21. The Mask, 22. Two On Two, 23. Old Friends, New Enemies, 24. Sad But True, 25. Trust, 26. The Tanker,

Disk 3

1. Majini VIII, 2. Shot or Death, 3. A New Nightmare Begins, 4. Fragments of Fears, 5. The Sign, 6. A Big Despair (Digital Ver.), 7. Message, 8. Majini IX In Flames, 9. Rematch, 10. Wind of Madness (Digital Ver.), 11. The Vulnerability, 12. Sky-high Skirmish, 13. The Final Curtain, 14. Deep Ambition (Digital Ver.), 15. Striker, 16. Homeward Bound!, 17. Pray -Theme Song- (Original Ver.), 18. Plan of Uroboros (Digital Ver.), 19. Menu, 20. Viewer, 21. Colors, 22. Assault Fire, 23. Dreamy Loops, 24. On the Bass, 25. Rust In Summer 2008, 26. KILLERS, 27. Do You Challenge Again, Some time before the events of the first Resident Evil, Dr. William Birkin created a variant of this virus from the "mutation stocks" and gave it to Wesker to use in faking his own death. As an added bonus, the virus gave Wesker superhuman strength and speed, which he would use against Chris Redfield in both Resident Evil Code: Veronica and Resident Evil 5.

The virus requires an incubation of at least five minutes prior to allow revival, though 10% of hosts fail to revive. However, 20% revive normally, and 70% actually revive with beneficial mutations to the muscular and circulatory systems. However, the variant that Wesker used was unstable, and he had to continuously inject himself with a 'PG67A/W serum derived from the Progenitor virus in order to keep his original infection in check.

The virus accelerates the host's metabolism, giving it heightened strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. Unlike the other viruses featured in the series, it is not a severely mutagenic virus, and its effects are limited to muscle tissue and lower organs, leaving the nervous system untouched. As a prerequisite to increasing the host's speed, the virus also affects ocular tissue, allowing it to view and process visual information at a speed allegedly equatable to raptors. This modification of the eyes is the only visible effect of the virus on its host, apparent only as a reddening of the irises. The Uroboros virus possesses the ability to mutate specific hosts. If the host has "'superior' DNA", the virus will fuse with the host and endow various beneficial mutations. An incompatible host will instead begin to ooze an ink-like fluid, and countless leech-like creatures will begin growing within the host, absorbing nearby tissue and using it to birth even more of these creatures. These leeches will bind to the victim's body, as well as to other leeches and corpses, eventually creating a huge, monstrous "Leech-Man". The agent was created from the NE-T virus that had grown and developed inside Jill Valentine whom Albert Wesker captured after a fight between him, her, and Chris Redfield at Spencer's Estate. The NE-T virus was not fully cured from the vaccination that Carlos had given Jill in Raccoon City because the vaccination was still in development. It had merely stopped the virus from killing her, but after all that time it had mutated and developed into an entirely new virus which Wesker documents in one of the files located in Resident Evil 5. The Progenitor virus, also known as the Founder or Mother virus, is the first of the mutagenic viruses, and the basis for all of the ones that followed.

According to the series timeline, it was discovered on December 4, 1967, by Dr. Edward Ashford, Dr. James Marcus, and Lord Ozwell E. Spencer, within a flower found only in the ruins of the Ndipaya civilization. Though Ashford wanted to use the virus' regenerative abilities to help the handicapped, Spencer wanted to use it for the bio-weapons projects, when Marcus only wanted to work on his research, after Ashford's death in 1968, they were able to begin their desired research. The only known survivor of an experiment involving Progenitor is Lisa Trevor, who bonded with the virus in a way that baffled everyone involved with the project.

It produces rapid and uncontrollable mutation in a host's genetic code, but the mutations were not coordinated enough to produce effective BOWs. In hosts with a genetic structure less complex than humans, mutations are less pronounced, and usually restricted to increases in size and aggression. In order to enhance the virus's mutagenic properties, Umbrella created a variant of it through synthesizing it with the Ebola virus, but this strain retained Ebola's photosensitivity. The Progenitor 30 is an ancillary chemical developed from the base Progenitor virus found in the Progenitor flower. It was made in order to create an obedient soldier with increased physical performance. After injection, the virus makes the host more controllable, doing whatever it is ordered to do without question, but the person is still conscious. However the virus did not last in the body for long, so for a continuous effect, an apparatus that kept the virus inside the body was needed. The virus was developed by Tricell's African branch to sell on the black market along with Las Plagas, to fund the Uroboros Project. Resident Evil 0 - Rebecca Chambers (alive) Billy Coen (alive) Albert Wesker (alive) William Birkin (alive) Edward Dewey (deceased) James Marcus (deceased) Enrico Marini (alive) Kevin Dooly (deceased)

Resident Evil 1 - Stars Alpha team - Chris Redfield (alive) Jill Valentine (alive) Barry Burton (alive) Josef Frost (deceased) Albert Wesker (deceased, later brought back to life) Brad Vickers (alive)

Stars Bravo team - Richard Aiken (deceased) Kenneth Sullivan (deceased) Forest Speyer (deceased) Rebecca Chambers (alive) Enrico Marini (deceased) Kevin Dooly (deceased)

Resident Evil 2 - Leon S Kennedy (alive) Claire Redfield (alive) Ada Wong (presumed dead) Sherry Birkin (alive) Annette Birkin (deceased) Ben Bertolucci (deceased) Chief Brian Irons (deceased) Robert Kendo (deceased) William Birkin (deceased) Marvin Branagh (deceased)

Resident Evil 3 - Jill Valentine (alive) Carlos Olivera (alive) Mikhail Victor (deceased) Nicholai Ginovaef (unknown) Brad Vickers (deceased) Dario Rosso (deceased) Tyrell Patrick (deceased) Murphy Seeker (deceased) Barry Burton (alive, cameo appearence)

Resident Evil :Code Veronica - Claire Redfield (alive) Steve Burnside (deceased) Alfred Ashford (deceased) Alexia Ashford (deceased) Chris Redfield (alive) Albert Wesker (alive) Rodrigo Juan Raval (deceased)

Resident Evil 4 - Leon S. Kennedy (alive) Ashley Graham (alive) Luis Sera (deceased) Ada Wong (alive) Ingrid Hunnigan (alive) Ramon Salazar (deceased) Jack Krauser (deceased) Bitores Mendez (deceased) Osmund Saddler (deceased) Albert Wesker (alive)


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