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Transcend is inspired by the unconventional mixture 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Release Date: 5 Dec, 2017


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I would like to play the game because it sounds interesting, but I can not play with W, A, S, D (need arrow keys to play) and the game does it every time I move Screenshots !!! so that you have tons of screenshots. The developer does not answer or does nothing, although the game is in early access. Ich mu00f6chte gerne das Spiel spielen, weil es interessant klingt, aber ich kann nicht mit W, A, S,D spielen (brauche die pfeiltasten zum spielen) und das Spiel macht jedes Mal, wenn ich mich bewege Screenshots!!! so das man tonnen von screenshots hat.. Intro: I found this game through BYOND a game developing platform. If you are familiar with this platform you will know that few games from there look this awesome, also since the game is practically solo developed which must have cost years of work i can't help but back this project. Gameplay: The current game is still very short with 4 chapters of stream lined story containing next to no replayability. Giving you a great experience for about 30 to max 60 minutes if you follow the story line and explore everything there is to see. Having said this the game trailer, story progression, graphics, music, inventory options and many other things give me hope that this will become an awesome and polished game. Pro's: 1: Graphics (amazing) 2. Sound (simple yet fitting) 3: Story (interesting) 4: Combat (fleunt) Con's: 1: Gameplay lenght (currently 4 chapters, expected to improve over time) 2: No full screen optimizations (offers a control + scroll option to zoom in but when doing this for a full screen you lose the ability to see the enitre screen including story line text. Also when interacting with the story text this must be done with the mouse which would be impossible if zoomed to full screen. 3: Adding onto con number 2 are setting options in general (hoping for this further down the line) Suggestion/Bugs: 1. When i starded my journey some text that was supposed to fade did not fade at all untill i restarded the game. I needed to wait before a reaching a save location. The text that didn't fade was "New". I'm not sure if this has a 100% occurance or not and it doesn't make the game less awesome. 2. i don't know if "Interface colloring" was supposed to look good in other collors other then black but from what i could tell so far i don't understand why it is an option. Conclusion: Overall the game looks great and with promise for the future.. This game I look at as a diamond in the rough. While combat is buggy and the aspect ratio will throw off some people. The game itself is worth playing. The music and sound effects are nicely done, atmosphere was created well with the visual. One of the strongest points is the storyline. Transcend does not feature voice acting however it is not a game breaker nor is any other problem listed in this review. This game is early access so enter at your own risk. While Transcend leaves much to be desired in it's early state it has earned my money I am happy with this purchase.. Gotta support indie creators. Theres a lot of great talent out there. A beautiful game.. Great job for a 1 man project. Game has great potential, not much to do though. All you do basically is fight with the fellow training partner. It took very little time to finish chapter 4 wich is the last chapter up to date. Adding some kind of fighting with random monsters in the environment would give the player more to do. Maybe when its completed it will be much better.. The story was fantastic and how the characters developed was great. The retro feeling the game gives you really hit a sweet spot with me. The first forty minutes that is available right now as of 12/28 shows a lot of promise from the developer. Can't wait to see what else comes out! I'm glad I waited until after finals were done this semester because I would've been hooked on the game and been craving for the rest of the release.

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